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Hours Of Service (HOS) System Compliance

Hours of Service If your fleet is required to record their Hours of Service driving records Managing your HOS score, Minimizing driver infractions, view available drive/duty time, editing driver logs, yard move, and personal conveyance are all items to consider when looking to optimize your organization’s hours of service safety business operations with a solution. […]

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For More Information On Performance Monitoring Click The Link Below. Performance Monitoring For More Information On IFTA Fuel Tax Click The Link Below. IFTA Fuel Tax For More Information On Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) Click The Link Below. DVIR Info For More Information On Fault Monitoring Click The Link Below. Fault Monitoring For More […]

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Features View vehicle location report data. Bread crumb trails. Monitor daily operations. Analyze planned versus actual routes. GPS Tracking Screen Shots Problems Managing Driver Accountability Does your organization have a need to monitor driving behavior, and non-job related activity? Transportation Costs Managing a fleet is costly and time consuming whether you use trucks, […]

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ELD Help

Wireless ELD Solution (XRS) Help For a more in depth explanation on how to operate your XRS ELD please log in to your XRS customer portal and go to the help tab then click training. On the next page there will be a couple of headings. The one you are looking for is training videos. […]

Omnitracs Fault Monitoring and Diagnostic Reading

Benefits To Omnitracs Fault Monitoring Fault Monitoring can help you and/or your fleet to take care of a problem before it becomes a disaster. Implementing a fault monitoring solution in your fleet can help your organization monitor fleet health and minimize truck down time. Benefits of Adopting The Omnitracs Fault Monitoring Solutuion: Fix problems before […]

Omnitracs Performance Monitoring Solution

Benefits of Having Omnitracs Performance Monitoring Package: Performance Monitoring lowers fuel consumption by helping your fleet identify trends that contribute to excess fuel use. Compares your top and bottom performers, and quantifies the bottom-line financial impact. Provides the performance data you need to coach and reward drivers. Reduces the work of analysts by providing more […]

Omnitracs Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Omnitracs Vehicle Inspection Reporting makes the drivers pre-trip, and post-trip inspections quick and efficient. Your compnay mechanic, outside repair service, and fleet manager will all be aware of vehicle inspection reports. Then, enter the notes of work done to correct the defects. You can export all vehicle inspection data and export reports and graphs to […]

Group Performance Monitoring

IFTA Fuel Tax With Omnitracs – International Fuel Tax Agreement

Omnitracs IFTA Fuel Tax Gentrifi GPS partnered with Omnitracs to deliver the best-in-class IFTA Fuel Tax program to our customers. State miles are recorded automatically through the engine computer via diagnostic port. GPS coordinates are used to determine which state the truck was traveling in when the miles were recorded. No more collecting trip sheets […]

Mobileye Warning Symbols

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