Supreme Court Decision on the ELD Mandate

The U.S. Department of Transportation scored a victory this week with the supreme courts decision to not hear a lawsuit challenging the DOT rule that would require truck drivers to swap their paper logs for electronic logging devices (ELD) to track their hours of service. These electronic logging devices are more than just a computer […]

Electronic logs, Will It Happen? And When?

The upcoming Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate has been upheld, and many believe the mandate will make it to its debut December 18th, 2017.   The Federal government has taken steps to require the logistics industry to make the transition from paper logs to electronic logs. With all of these regulations it can seem overwhelming […]

Installing a Gentrifi GPS Tracker in a Car or Truck is Easy!

Installing a GPS tracker in your car or truck is fast and easy. Minimal skills are required to install a Gentrifi GPS tracker in your vehicle or other powered equipment. Basic ‘behind the dash’ vehicle installation needs only three wires. An ignition wire, ground wire, and constant power wire. The number of wires depends on […]

Fleet Optimization using the MCP50

Your company can start deployment of its fleet optimization strategy by equipping its trucks with the Omnitracs MCP50. Once MCP50s are installed your company will begin utilizing Omnitrac’s easy-to-use feature loaded cloud application (accessible from anywhere via internet). With the Omnitracs MCP50 installed in your company’s fleet of vehicle your employee’s time spent on paperwork […]

Which Hours Of Service (HOS) application and EOBR system should you choose?

An automated Hours of Service (HOS) and EOBR system will reduce your fleet paperwork and wasted time. The Federal Motor Carrier safety association (FMCSA) is paying close attention to the hours drivers are operating vehicles on the road. This means that an Hours of Service (HOS) system is now necessary to stay competitive in the transportation […]

CSA Scores

Your CSA scores managed by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), can make or break your organization’s ability to participate in the trucking industry and will ultimately determine your success. With unsatisfactory CSA scores your company faces violations, suspension and even termination.  Don’t let CSA scores be your company’s downfall. Get a quote now click here, […]


Using ELogs not only greatly increases the efficiency of your your business operations but also ensures that you are compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations.  Utilizing ELogs will also reduce Department of Transportation (DOT) violations and their high cost.  With ELogs the amount of paperwork your organization has to mange will also […]

Gentrifi GPS is an Omnitracs Gold Certified Partner

Gentrifi GPS is working closely with Omnitracs to provide quality service, and delivery to our customers. Gentrifi GPS is excited to be able to bring a platform like the MCP50 to its customers. Gentrifi GPS has recognized the ongoing shift in the transportation industry which is technologically driven.  The Omnitracs MCP50 is at the forefront […]

Truck Tracking with MCP50

There are 273,000 accident’s involving trucks each year. 3,700 of those accidents resulted in fatalities, and 88,000 resulted in injuries. Not to mention the economical damage the company will acquire with the resulting legal fees associated with accidents. Not all accidents are caused by truck drivers who are: driving erratically, speeding, switching lanes harshly, harsh […]

Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG) and Gentrifi GPS Partner to bring advanced tracking capability to disaster management solutions

Gentrifi GPS is very excited to announce its partnership with Buffalo Computer Graphics (BCG). Gentrifi GPS is providing asset tracking, personnel tracking, resource tracking, and Machine to Machine (M2M) tools to BCG’s DisasterLAN application.  Gentrifi GPS also sources, implements, and configures devices for BCG. Having awareness, control, and location information for all your assets during a […]